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  • As every chef knows, having the highest quality produce is going to give you the best flavour and nutrients on your plate. After tasting over 45 tomatoes from across North America, the one that clearly stood out was from our own backyard – a BC Greenhouse Grown tomato.

    Cam Armstrong, Regional Chef at Earls

Meet the Growers

Did you know BC is home to the world’s best tomato grower? Get to know the people behind your food.

Ron Moes | Profile Image

Ron Moes

Windset Farms

Ron Moes
Senior Grower, Windset Farms

When people ask Ron Moes what he does for a living, he will often tell them that he’s an indoor farmer.

It’s a response that can generate additional conversation, but Ron doesn’t mind because it gives him an opportunity to educate people about the nursery/greenhouse industry.

As Senior Grower at Windset Farms, Ron likes to think of it as his own really big garden. …

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Edith Gubiotti | Profile Image

Edith Gubiotti

SunSelect Farms

Edith Gubiotti
Administration, Office Management, Compliance & Human Resources, SunSelect Farms

Edith has been part of SunSelect since her parents started the operation with a one-acre greenhouse in Abbotsford. With her parents’ retirement, Edith and her three brothers took over, running 70 acres in sweet bell pepper production from locations in Aldergrove and Delta.

For more than twenty years, Edith has been working directly on the farm or in …

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Ruben Houweling | Profile Image

Ruben Houweling

Houweling’s Tomatoes

Ruben Houweling
Propagation Manager, Houweling’s Tomatoes

In an industry that’s centered on hands-on education and training, helping out in the family business came second nature for Ruben Houweling.

As a young boy of seven, he started out washing flower pots and mixing soil, gradually adding to his duties as he grew older. With a father, two uncles, siblings and cousins involved, Ruben knew at an early age that this …

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Pardeep Atwal | Profile Image

Pardeep Atwal

Atwal Farms

Pardeep Atwal
Grading Line Trainer, Atwal Farms, BC Hot House

Pardeep has been part of Atwal Farms since she was a young girl, starting out picking berries and doing chores, then moving over to work in the cannery, where the berries are processed.

With the farm’s transition over to growing peppers, Pardeep has continued to be involved with many aspects of the operation. She trains people on the grading …

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  • Our favourite thing to do with peppers is to cook them out on the grill. When they’re just charred on the outside they’re juicy and ripe on the inside and full of sweet deliciousness.

    Edith Gubiotti, Sunselect Produce

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